May 21, 2011

Today we are going to the Price is Right. I better win something.. Bah I need to. So I am going to start a bucket list and the first one is being on a Game Show!!! So thats checked off. Yay!!

I have been working on a few painting.  I really want to add Please take off your shoes on the first one. But I dont know. I love the lady I did but I dunno if I want to ruin it again. I already had the words on. Then I hated them so 3 hrs later and no words. I guess I am just going to do it. I have been watching a lot of how to videos to get tip and tricks. Talking to a few other artists that I adore. 

This one I cannot wait to finish. I keep putting it off tho. Drives me insane. I only have so much spare time. I have around 3 hours to do what ever I want. I can only squeeze a few things. I also always stay up late when I paint the hours fly by. Its like my own world to get away. Nothing really matters. I stop thinking so much and just paint. I definatly feel better the next day when I paint. But sometimes I want to laze on the couch and watch a movie I WANT TO WATCH.. Yay. Like I love you phillip Morris just go watch it. Jim Carry gay.. Its one of my favorite movies of the year. Bah I am off to go put pin curls in my hair and get my little girl ready for Grandmas and Grandpas. I hope I bloody win something or someone in the family does!!!!