August 26, 2011

When Babies attack.

So my daughter decided it would be awesome to poke me in the eye. After she had been up all night slept 3 hours then woke up wide awake..While I  try to sleep a bit and let her play on the floor. She gets up on the bed I literally open my eyes STAB. Yep good times.  I am in pain and cannot open either of my eyes tears pouring down my face I finally open my eyes to see her looking at me weirdly and starts to smile. I am completely freaking out. I get up look in the mirror see blood... "Shoot me in the face I am going to be a bloody pirate! Eye patch here I come... " I call my mom she gets here get us ready and off we go..

She takes me to a walk in clinic. I did not wait long and then my Doctor walks in. He was my maternity doctor. Dr. Mourai I love him.. He has such dry humor.. It gets me everytime. He puts some numbing drops in my eye. Then some dye and shines a light. No hard core scratch on the retina but it was hella close. I was lucky! The whole time I was sitting there and thinking this man has had his hand up my va lay ho.. It made my day.. heheh man. He told me I was looking good ..Yay. What a day.. This is also the first time baby will be away for 2 days. I am kinda not ready but am. I have a ton of shit to do too.

One of my friends from my Value Village days ask to paint her a painting. I am excited.. She wants me to paint her wonder woman. I am really excited for it really. I would have never painted her. She wants a frame and everything. The one I have is 12x24. Its probably my favorite size to paint. So it makes it easier. I am going to sketch out examples for her.

August 25, 2011

 I have been crazy busy lately! Trying to get everything done is crazy. I need to keep up with this blog.. I have done a lot of new paintings the last few weeks.  I did Breast Fest which ended up being a bust! The organizer totally did not advertise as much as he should let alone it was on a bad weekend... Warped tour other shows and Festivals.. It was all just blah. i made like $30 off of Little old ladies buy my Eye Glass keeper on-ers. I hope I have a table at another festival but I have not heard back ...But It should be better due to paying for a table and not just showing up.. So Paintings.. I painted Snow White awhile ago. I love her. She is 16x 20. Nacho man was from my childhood. So I had to paint him ..He is 18x24 and even had a theme song.. I wish I could get them both a nice big gold frames.

This loverly lady I painted for my Dad for his Birthday.. Its a Blind Faith album cover. Its something I always remembered seeing as a kid.. Plus he really likes it.. I think I officially made my Papa proud. He keeps hounding me to set up my Google+ I just might tonight.   
I painted this one last week I am in love with her shes 8x10 but still great!!! Now I am off to eat hella late. Im starving after my 45 mins of roller skating.. Woot.  

July 08, 2011

I am a dealer at Breast Fest its a charity event thats happening Aug 13th. I am trying to finish as much as I possibly can before then. All the while I sold 3 painting. Im very happy about that. I redid  my Facebook  page so its easier to find things. I also submitted some of my art to Hi-Fructose *Fingers crossed* I hope someone up there loves me. 

Olivia is standing and is crazy trying to walk. Shes not even 8months yet. She is going to be a crazy early walker... I have a feeling.. My house has piles of pillows blocking the dinning room area ..AKA my studio. Its her daily goal to get in there. Drives me insane.. But all in all the past few weeks has been pretty good.. Other then me trying to kill myself and my baby..Lifes good.. 

 I finished a bunch of paintings . . . .  

June 02, 2011

I have been neglecting this blog. I need to keep it up. The last 2 paintings I posted are still not done. I have finished another and started a completely new painting. But I PROMISE to finish those ones after. I need to. Bah. I have to reschedule my tattoo appt. since her at home studio was shut down. Makes me mad since it was someone in town who threw her to the dogs. Her studio is nicer and cleaner then all the shops in town. Oh well she is opening a store front in 2 weeks. She said she would come to my house.. I dunno how thats gonna work but I am down.

I owe her a painting and this way she can pick out which one she wants. I have been painting everyday I leave everything out so I don't say fuck it. I started a Marie Antoinette painting. Which I am in love with... Its so pretty. I will post progress pictures later. I finished this one a few days ago. I am debating on weather to fix the arm area since it does not make sense. The hand should not be there. The forearm is to short. Hmmm I dunno by looking at it makes me want to Im guessing I will end up fixing it. Bah. So much work for a little part.

My little Miss Olivia is CRAWLING.. Well push crawling. She gets around so fast I do not want to know how fast once she is truly crawling. Its crazy how big she is getting. I also started Yoga on Monday which I am going to keep it up. Gets me out of the house and I get a good walk. I am back on track with my weight loss. I lost everything I gained during the 2 weeks I was feeling down. Plus I lost 1lbs extra Woo. Go team me... It feels good. Working out everyday helps. It makes me full of energy and I feel a lot happier. I just need My boy to get on the band wagon again. He fell off hard and is not happy with his life right now. Which stresses me out. Thank god I have painting to go into my own world and escape into.

May 21, 2011

Today we are going to the Price is Right. I better win something.. Bah I need to. So I am going to start a bucket list and the first one is being on a Game Show!!! So thats checked off. Yay!!

I have been working on a few painting.  I really want to add Please take off your shoes on the first one. But I dont know. I love the lady I did but I dunno if I want to ruin it again. I already had the words on. Then I hated them so 3 hrs later and no words. I guess I am just going to do it. I have been watching a lot of how to videos to get tip and tricks. Talking to a few other artists that I adore. 

This one I cannot wait to finish. I keep putting it off tho. Drives me insane. I only have so much spare time. I have around 3 hours to do what ever I want. I can only squeeze a few things. I also always stay up late when I paint the hours fly by. Its like my own world to get away. Nothing really matters. I stop thinking so much and just paint. I definatly feel better the next day when I paint. But sometimes I want to laze on the couch and watch a movie I WANT TO WATCH.. Yay. Like I love you phillip Morris just go watch it. Jim Carry gay.. Its one of my favorite movies of the year. Bah I am off to go put pin curls in my hair and get my little girl ready for Grandmas and Grandpas. I hope I bloody win something or someone in the family does!!!!

April 27, 2011

So I discovered I am allergic to the numbing cream we used on my chest. The whole thing now has to be re-done. So lame. At least I learned my lesson. You are allergic to everything ALWAYS TEST! Bah. Its been 3 weeks and I am still healing. Went to my Doctors he told me it looks like a chemical burn WOOP WOOP so exciting...bah. So yea I am not looking forward to fixing it but I so am. I love my chest and want to be able to show it off. It looks horrid and lame so I am one pissy girl.

Ive had other sad news in my life. My Grandfather is not doing well he had a horrid fall at my parents house on Sunday. Hes 81 and hes so secretive.... But by what we know we think its cancer and hes dieing....My awesome Grandpa. My Grandpa...I want Olivia to know him have some memory of him and his great humor. Even after he fell and had a huge bloody scrap on his forehead he was telling everyone he wanted the Chicago Black hawks to win not our Canucks.. Making my dad laugh it was good. He was going off how there is more Canadians on that team. He touched me and hugged me so much it was weird. It was like he was telling me he knew. He held my face. Man I love him.

Also a very awesome person passed away yesterday. Victor was one of those people who you wish and strive to be like. He was on multiple sports team in Jazz bands, organized charity functions. He would sing and dance to make you smile. Walking down the isles at work we would walk side by side having a full on conversation in swanky English accents. I can see him dancing with packing strips. Man we was a wonderful person R.I.P Good suuurr..

I think its time for some awesome-ness Jughead.

April 14, 2011

On Tuesday I got part of my chest filled. I am all stiff Woo.Its looking really pretty tho. I also finally did my hair. So cute. Bah I am still waiting for my tax monies. Driving me nuts. Having money coming to you but you do not know when. There is so much I want to buy, I need a new king mattress, Bedding and side tables. Depending on price 2-3 bar stools that are comfy. An art cart..Not to mention Art supplies. More Canvases I want a huge one so BAD! I also giving Shawn $300 to go towards a tattoo. A new Stroller and maybe a fancy ring set. Wish someone would just take me and I can pick it out be happy with it. Not take his Dad.... Bah. Not to mention I need to go to the dentist.

There is a lot more we need. I hope its enough. Over the years we have pretty much inherited furniture from people or gotten for Free from Shawn's work. Thank god his work has nice things. Go Urban Barn.

April 05, 2011

For the past few days I have had a tummy bug. Not fun with a 4 month old. Plus I cannot sleep on my side yet due to scabbing tattoo. Shoot me in the face. At least now I am feeling better. Olivia gets her shots tomorrow what great fun. Shes gonna be an angry little girl for a week.

We went to my nieces 3rd Birthday on Sunday. It was Princess themed it was great. Olivia enjoyed all the kids running around. I made her a mask and she tried icing. Which she loved. My sister lent me a Bumbo. Yay. Olivia LOVES it. She sits in it and looks around. I put her in it on the counter and made lunch. She enjoyed every minute of it.

I have my weigh in tonight. Which I am excited about. I weighed my self yesterday and I was down 9LBS.. One thing being sick is good for. That means Im 41LBS DOWN!!! Thats crazy I am actually doing it. I had doubt it would work but it is. 83Lbs to go woo.

I have also fell in love with a designer....

                                               Hussein Chalayan

April 01, 2011

I have been painting a lot lately. I really enjoy it honestly. I need to get more paint and bigger canvas. The bigger the better honestly. I want to do a big one for my mom. Something she can hang in her home and like it. Thats my goal this year. I think I will try for her 60th birthday. Do a lady in her colors to her taste. I dunno maybe not a lady. Hmmm.

March 28, 2011

Its been 3 days since I got my chest piece tattooed. Its a huge island of tight scab it feels OOOOO so pretty. Bah. I literally can do anything I did before just holding baby is hard. The Bee is all colored in and it the worst part. Due to when I had my shower I was in a lot of pain and super tired. I only slept 4 hours and got 6 hours of tattooing done. So since I did not wash it right I have this thick scab so not good Oh wells. The only thing I have to worry about is when I sleep. My chin sits on the Bee. I was so good last night until the last hour I woke up chin on my chest Bee all gnarly.

Woo. Olivia is officially rolling over. Which is scary. She can move so much more now. Shes almost 5 months. Soon she will be eating solids. Yay real poop not just Breast milk poop. Shes also really liking her jumper. Grabbing at things looking at them like shes really interested. So all in all lifes good minus my island of scab.

I also finally finished some paintings.

March 25, 2011

I cleaned my whole house. I want it to be a stress free area. I do not want to be all stiff and need to clean. I just need to vacuum. Gotta wait till morning. Man my brain is going a mile a minute. I am all nerves. I have 11Hrs and 20Mins until my chest piece overhaul starts. BAH!

March 23, 2011

So I went for my tattoo consultation yesterday. Its going to be huge. I am so excited. So the finished design is way better then I ever expected the skull is going yay. I am replacing it with a big bee. The spider webs and scroll are also going. The spiderwebs are going to be covered with big flowers and the scroll is going to be a big frilly bow. I am excited. But I am nervous. Its only 2 days away. Its my chest and I have a 4 month old. I know I know sometimes you just gotta go with it. Some people thinks its not alright to get tattooed while nursing. But if you keep good care of your tattoo it should be good. I am more worried about her being all up in my grill.. so to speak. 

Its good I am getting it on Friday Shawn will be here and on Saturday I can ask his parents to look after her. They love looking after her. Olivia is also hanging out with her cousins at my Parents on Friday. So far everything is looking good. I hope by Monday I will be not so stiff and able to do my normal everyday things.

Man Its so nice outside. I need to get dressed get my ass outside. I need the exercise. I have been loosing a good 1 pound a week. When I exercised I lost 7Lbs in one week. So If I get off my ass I can do it. I am eating right but not moving enough. I feel like a lump. I keep talking about it and not doing it and IT DRIVES ME INSANE. That all it takes is standing up putting on cloths and shoes and doing it but I am here sitting on my couch with my TV on typing about it. I am looking at bathing suits. I am for sure interested in the Aqua fit class at the Leisure Center. Only $5.50 a class. So its a start I just gotta get a bathing suit. If I look pretty and feel good in it I will want to go. So thats my new goal. Swimsuit, AquaFit, then maybe maybe something else..Yoga maybe even Hot Yoga.

March 16, 2011

My hair turned out cute. My haircut is awesome. I love it. I want it more pink tho. Woo. Tomorrow I am cleaning up my balcony. Everyone in our strata got a letter. I guess a reminder for Spring Cleaning.... I hate strata. Some of our people are nice. But there is always a few dinks. It sucks. I would not mind being on the strata but I rent. So I am not allowed.

So I am down a total of 1.4Lbs for this week. So nice to loose rather then stay the same or heaven forbid I GAIN. Instead of buying weight watchers snacks...I got the starter kit. So I have a fresh journal..No more slacking. No thank you. I am going to track properly. Im going to decorate my stuff so I take care of it and not just toss it around. I want to be proud of my progress. I want to be the person in the Meeting where they ask in front of everyone "How much have you lost now?" and I reply "100Lbs" I want that. I want to be that hot girl with pretty tattoos I want that. It will take a lot of work but I am ready. I am 26 years old its time to take care of myself.


I feel so corny but I dont give a shit. I need to take care of me for my daughter. I don't want to be the token fat Mom, friend, Sister, daughter. Thats not me anymore. This will change my life.

Today was a big day for Olivia well me more. She figured out some things today. She discovered the whale on her Vibby chair make things light up and move.  She also found the spinny thing on the jumper. I left for a few minutes. I came back to her jumping and laughing BY HERSELF... So nice for this progress. I can pee and take my time. Yay! Its like something clicked in her head its so crazy.

March 13, 2011

I am getting really into painting. I have finished 2 of 3 of a 3X3 set. I also started an 11X20 which is turning out great. I need to take pictures. Tomorrow my friend Abby is coming over. She is cutting my hair and coloring it. Soft pinky-orange I am excited. I hate that I am using a Lady GaGa picture but oh wells I love her hair.


I wonder how its all going to work out with Olivia. I will probably have to hold her most the time. Oh wells. If it works it works. I hope it turns out well. I just need a trim. Cut some of the bulk at the back out. Then I will be pretty... Oh so pretty.

March 11, 2011

I went to Michaels Craft store today. I have been painting a lot lately and have gotten the art bug back. I got a set of brushes that are awesome and around 25 acrylic colors. I wish I could afford  Golden products man.. There paint is thinner and super bright. But 10 bucks a tube.. Maybe I will buy 2 tubes a payday. I dunno I want to go Opus Arts since they have a bigger selection once I get more money. I also go 7 stretched canvas super cheap. Go 40% off coupon. I cannot wait for the summer so I can paint on the deck. Have Olivia out there just enjoying outside.

It will be nice to be able to have picnics and play in the park with her. She will be 9 months in August.  Its so crazy tomorrow shes going to be 4 months. It feels like yesterday I was huge and pregnant with sore hips. She has been off today just not in a good mood. She has her freak out moments but shes not her happy bouncy self today. I can feel one tooth coming in. It must hurt  her a lot. I might give her an ice cube to suck on.

So this week I am trying not to over do the junk food. I am on weight watchers. I always eat with in my points its just I 2 bit it to death with junk. I have a good breakfast 1 egg grapes toast with margarine and water. Or a bowl of cereal with Banana. My lunch I dunno sometimes my breakfast is my lunch. My dinners are always good Stir fry with a protein sometimes with cheese. Its my late night eat that sucks. Since I am nursing I need to eat right before bed so I am not starving during her first feed. That is where the Junk comes in. I have Weight watcher bars. Ice cream popcycles. Thinsations, meringue cookies. Ill have like 13 points left and since those are all around 2-4 points I can have a junk fest before bed. I am starting to buy more healthier junk like fancy yogurt and nuts. It still feels like I get my fix but its not as much. I eat a ton of fruit since I LOVE SUGAR. Man its an addiction.

I asked my team leader Rochelle to look at my food journal every week so I am accountable to someone. It helps. I hope this week I lose something. Last week I did not gain or loose. Bah. So lame. Oh wells. I just want to be down the 80Lbs by October.
I am finally getting my chest piece finished. This makes my day. I am re designing it really. I am making it more girlie and cute. I was a little to hardcore when I was 18. LoL. Well I am getting vacation pay and its paying for it. Plus I found a good artist with a style I love.. Christina Christie art is right up my alley.

The before shot.

I am planning on covering the spider webs and scroll. I am making the skull more like a Mexican day of the dead skull. I am also going to cover the spider webs with roses and  Flowers. I am thinking of replacing my scroll into a bow. I am very excited. I have been putting it off forever. Then bang Appt. March 25. Woo. I hope my Bestie Birdie can come. I hate going alone. But its at noon on a Friday.

I also found these cute necklaces today I am in love with all their stuff. Its like Huge ShrinkEdinks. I really love their Bee stuff too. Very cute. I am finding so much I want to buy online just gotta wait to pay my visa down. So lame. I miss ebay shopping. Its maybe sorta kinda a small addiction. I like presents in the mail from myself.

I need to go to an Art store to get brushes badly my brushes suck. I have dollar store ones I got a long ass time ago. I want to start painting again and doing art. I am starting to get things done I have been putting off when she naps. Instead of cleaning. I started a painting and I am digging the way its turning out. I want to start making my own canvas's. Its way cheaper. I will ask my dad and learn to use that scary saw. The canvas I saw at Opus that I am in love with is like $120. Its Huge. Now I am off to bed I have strawberry curlers in my hair. I am going to have an "awesome" sleep Woo.