June 02, 2011

I have been neglecting this blog. I need to keep it up. The last 2 paintings I posted are still not done. I have finished another and started a completely new painting. But I PROMISE to finish those ones after. I need to. Bah. I have to reschedule my tattoo appt. since her at home studio was shut down. Makes me mad since it was someone in town who threw her to the dogs. Her studio is nicer and cleaner then all the shops in town. Oh well she is opening a store front in 2 weeks. She said she would come to my house.. I dunno how thats gonna work but I am down.

I owe her a painting and this way she can pick out which one she wants. I have been painting everyday I leave everything out so I don't say fuck it. I started a Marie Antoinette painting. Which I am in love with... Its so pretty. I will post progress pictures later. I finished this one a few days ago. I am debating on weather to fix the arm area since it does not make sense. The hand should not be there. The forearm is to short. Hmmm I dunno by looking at it makes me want to Im guessing I will end up fixing it. Bah. So much work for a little part.

My little Miss Olivia is CRAWLING.. Well push crawling. She gets around so fast I do not want to know how fast once she is truly crawling. Its crazy how big she is getting. I also started Yoga on Monday which I am going to keep it up. Gets me out of the house and I get a good walk. I am back on track with my weight loss. I lost everything I gained during the 2 weeks I was feeling down. Plus I lost 1lbs extra Woo. Go team me... It feels good. Working out everyday helps. It makes me full of energy and I feel a lot happier. I just need My boy to get on the band wagon again. He fell off hard and is not happy with his life right now. Which stresses me out. Thank god I have painting to go into my own world and escape into.