April 27, 2011

So I discovered I am allergic to the numbing cream we used on my chest. The whole thing now has to be re-done. So lame. At least I learned my lesson. You are allergic to everything ALWAYS TEST! Bah. Its been 3 weeks and I am still healing. Went to my Doctors he told me it looks like a chemical burn WOOP WOOP so exciting...bah. So yea I am not looking forward to fixing it but I so am. I love my chest and want to be able to show it off. It looks horrid and lame so I am one pissy girl.

Ive had other sad news in my life. My Grandfather is not doing well he had a horrid fall at my parents house on Sunday. Hes 81 and hes so secretive.... But by what we know we think its cancer and hes dieing....My awesome Grandpa. My Grandpa...I want Olivia to know him have some memory of him and his great humor. Even after he fell and had a huge bloody scrap on his forehead he was telling everyone he wanted the Chicago Black hawks to win not our Canucks.. Making my dad laugh it was good. He was going off how there is more Canadians on that team. He touched me and hugged me so much it was weird. It was like he was telling me he knew. He held my face. Man I love him.

Also a very awesome person passed away yesterday. Victor was one of those people who you wish and strive to be like. He was on multiple sports team in Jazz bands, organized charity functions. He would sing and dance to make you smile. Walking down the isles at work we would walk side by side having a full on conversation in swanky English accents. I can see him dancing with packing strips. Man we was a wonderful person R.I.P Good suuurr..

I think its time for some awesome-ness Jughead.

April 14, 2011

On Tuesday I got part of my chest filled. I am all stiff Woo.Its looking really pretty tho. I also finally did my hair. So cute. Bah I am still waiting for my tax monies. Driving me nuts. Having money coming to you but you do not know when. There is so much I want to buy, I need a new king mattress, Bedding and side tables. Depending on price 2-3 bar stools that are comfy. An art cart..Not to mention Art supplies. More Canvases I want a huge one so BAD! I also giving Shawn $300 to go towards a tattoo. A new Stroller and maybe a fancy ring set. Wish someone would just take me and I can pick it out be happy with it. Not take his Dad.... Bah. Not to mention I need to go to the dentist.

There is a lot more we need. I hope its enough. Over the years we have pretty much inherited furniture from people or gotten for Free from Shawn's work. Thank god his work has nice things. Go Urban Barn.

April 05, 2011

For the past few days I have had a tummy bug. Not fun with a 4 month old. Plus I cannot sleep on my side yet due to scabbing tattoo. Shoot me in the face. At least now I am feeling better. Olivia gets her shots tomorrow what great fun. Shes gonna be an angry little girl for a week.

We went to my nieces 3rd Birthday on Sunday. It was Princess themed it was great. Olivia enjoyed all the kids running around. I made her a mask and she tried icing. Which she loved. My sister lent me a Bumbo. Yay. Olivia LOVES it. She sits in it and looks around. I put her in it on the counter and made lunch. She enjoyed every minute of it.

I have my weigh in tonight. Which I am excited about. I weighed my self yesterday and I was down 9LBS.. One thing being sick is good for. That means Im 41LBS DOWN!!! Thats crazy I am actually doing it. I had doubt it would work but it is. 83Lbs to go woo.

I have also fell in love with a designer....

                                               Hussein Chalayan

April 01, 2011

I have been painting a lot lately. I really enjoy it honestly. I need to get more paint and bigger canvas. The bigger the better honestly. I want to do a big one for my mom. Something she can hang in her home and like it. Thats my goal this year. I think I will try for her 60th birthday. Do a lady in her colors to her taste. I dunno maybe not a lady. Hmmm.