July 08, 2011

I am a dealer at Breast Fest its a charity event thats happening Aug 13th. I am trying to finish as much as I possibly can before then. All the while I sold 3 painting. Im very happy about that. I redid  my Facebook  page so its easier to find things. I also submitted some of my art to Hi-Fructose *Fingers crossed* I hope someone up there loves me. 

Olivia is standing and is crazy trying to walk. Shes not even 8months yet. She is going to be a crazy early walker... I have a feeling.. My house has piles of pillows blocking the dinning room area ..AKA my studio. Its her daily goal to get in there. Drives me insane.. But all in all the past few weeks has been pretty good.. Other then me trying to kill myself and my baby..Lifes good.. 

 I finished a bunch of paintings . . . .  

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