August 26, 2011

When Babies attack.

So my daughter decided it would be awesome to poke me in the eye. After she had been up all night slept 3 hours then woke up wide awake..While I  try to sleep a bit and let her play on the floor. She gets up on the bed I literally open my eyes STAB. Yep good times.  I am in pain and cannot open either of my eyes tears pouring down my face I finally open my eyes to see her looking at me weirdly and starts to smile. I am completely freaking out. I get up look in the mirror see blood... "Shoot me in the face I am going to be a bloody pirate! Eye patch here I come... " I call my mom she gets here get us ready and off we go..

She takes me to a walk in clinic. I did not wait long and then my Doctor walks in. He was my maternity doctor. Dr. Mourai I love him.. He has such dry humor.. It gets me everytime. He puts some numbing drops in my eye. Then some dye and shines a light. No hard core scratch on the retina but it was hella close. I was lucky! The whole time I was sitting there and thinking this man has had his hand up my va lay ho.. It made my day.. heheh man. He told me I was looking good ..Yay. What a day.. This is also the first time baby will be away for 2 days. I am kinda not ready but am. I have a ton of shit to do too.

One of my friends from my Value Village days ask to paint her a painting. I am excited.. She wants me to paint her wonder woman. I am really excited for it really. I would have never painted her. She wants a frame and everything. The one I have is 12x24. Its probably my favorite size to paint. So it makes it easier. I am going to sketch out examples for her.

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