April 05, 2011

For the past few days I have had a tummy bug. Not fun with a 4 month old. Plus I cannot sleep on my side yet due to scabbing tattoo. Shoot me in the face. At least now I am feeling better. Olivia gets her shots tomorrow what great fun. Shes gonna be an angry little girl for a week.

We went to my nieces 3rd Birthday on Sunday. It was Princess themed it was great. Olivia enjoyed all the kids running around. I made her a mask and she tried icing. Which she loved. My sister lent me a Bumbo. Yay. Olivia LOVES it. She sits in it and looks around. I put her in it on the counter and made lunch. She enjoyed every minute of it.

I have my weigh in tonight. Which I am excited about. I weighed my self yesterday and I was down 9LBS.. One thing being sick is good for. That means Im 41LBS DOWN!!! Thats crazy I am actually doing it. I had doubt it would work but it is. 83Lbs to go woo.

I have also fell in love with a designer....

                                               Hussein Chalayan

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