April 14, 2011

On Tuesday I got part of my chest filled. I am all stiff Woo.Its looking really pretty tho. I also finally did my hair. So cute. Bah I am still waiting for my tax monies. Driving me nuts. Having money coming to you but you do not know when. There is so much I want to buy, I need a new king mattress, Bedding and side tables. Depending on price 2-3 bar stools that are comfy. An art cart..Not to mention Art supplies. More Canvases I want a huge one so BAD! I also giving Shawn $300 to go towards a tattoo. A new Stroller and maybe a fancy ring set. Wish someone would just take me and I can pick it out be happy with it. Not take his Dad.... Bah. Not to mention I need to go to the dentist.

There is a lot more we need. I hope its enough. Over the years we have pretty much inherited furniture from people or gotten for Free from Shawn's work. Thank god his work has nice things. Go Urban Barn.

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