August 25, 2011

 I have been crazy busy lately! Trying to get everything done is crazy. I need to keep up with this blog.. I have done a lot of new paintings the last few weeks.  I did Breast Fest which ended up being a bust! The organizer totally did not advertise as much as he should let alone it was on a bad weekend... Warped tour other shows and Festivals.. It was all just blah. i made like $30 off of Little old ladies buy my Eye Glass keeper on-ers. I hope I have a table at another festival but I have not heard back ...But It should be better due to paying for a table and not just showing up.. So Paintings.. I painted Snow White awhile ago. I love her. She is 16x 20. Nacho man was from my childhood. So I had to paint him ..He is 18x24 and even had a theme song.. I wish I could get them both a nice big gold frames.

This loverly lady I painted for my Dad for his Birthday.. Its a Blind Faith album cover. Its something I always remembered seeing as a kid.. Plus he really likes it.. I think I officially made my Papa proud. He keeps hounding me to set up my Google+ I just might tonight.   
I painted this one last week I am in love with her shes 8x10 but still great!!! Now I am off to eat hella late. Im starving after my 45 mins of roller skating.. Woot.  

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