March 11, 2011

I am finally getting my chest piece finished. This makes my day. I am re designing it really. I am making it more girlie and cute. I was a little to hardcore when I was 18. LoL. Well I am getting vacation pay and its paying for it. Plus I found a good artist with a style I love.. Christina Christie art is right up my alley.

The before shot.

I am planning on covering the spider webs and scroll. I am making the skull more like a Mexican day of the dead skull. I am also going to cover the spider webs with roses and  Flowers. I am thinking of replacing my scroll into a bow. I am very excited. I have been putting it off forever. Then bang Appt. March 25. Woo. I hope my Bestie Birdie can come. I hate going alone. But its at noon on a Friday.

I also found these cute necklaces today I am in love with all their stuff. Its like Huge ShrinkEdinks. I really love their Bee stuff too. Very cute. I am finding so much I want to buy online just gotta wait to pay my visa down. So lame. I miss ebay shopping. Its maybe sorta kinda a small addiction. I like presents in the mail from myself.

I need to go to an Art store to get brushes badly my brushes suck. I have dollar store ones I got a long ass time ago. I want to start painting again and doing art. I am starting to get things done I have been putting off when she naps. Instead of cleaning. I started a painting and I am digging the way its turning out. I want to start making my own canvas's. Its way cheaper. I will ask my dad and learn to use that scary saw. The canvas I saw at Opus that I am in love with is like $120. Its Huge. Now I am off to bed I have strawberry curlers in my hair. I am going to have an "awesome" sleep Woo.

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