March 28, 2011

Its been 3 days since I got my chest piece tattooed. Its a huge island of tight scab it feels OOOOO so pretty. Bah. I literally can do anything I did before just holding baby is hard. The Bee is all colored in and it the worst part. Due to when I had my shower I was in a lot of pain and super tired. I only slept 4 hours and got 6 hours of tattooing done. So since I did not wash it right I have this thick scab so not good Oh wells. The only thing I have to worry about is when I sleep. My chin sits on the Bee. I was so good last night until the last hour I woke up chin on my chest Bee all gnarly.

Woo. Olivia is officially rolling over. Which is scary. She can move so much more now. Shes almost 5 months. Soon she will be eating solids. Yay real poop not just Breast milk poop. Shes also really liking her jumper. Grabbing at things looking at them like shes really interested. So all in all lifes good minus my island of scab.

I also finally finished some paintings.

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