March 16, 2011

My hair turned out cute. My haircut is awesome. I love it. I want it more pink tho. Woo. Tomorrow I am cleaning up my balcony. Everyone in our strata got a letter. I guess a reminder for Spring Cleaning.... I hate strata. Some of our people are nice. But there is always a few dinks. It sucks. I would not mind being on the strata but I rent. So I am not allowed.

So I am down a total of 1.4Lbs for this week. So nice to loose rather then stay the same or heaven forbid I GAIN. Instead of buying weight watchers snacks...I got the starter kit. So I have a fresh journal..No more slacking. No thank you. I am going to track properly. Im going to decorate my stuff so I take care of it and not just toss it around. I want to be proud of my progress. I want to be the person in the Meeting where they ask in front of everyone "How much have you lost now?" and I reply "100Lbs" I want that. I want to be that hot girl with pretty tattoos I want that. It will take a lot of work but I am ready. I am 26 years old its time to take care of myself.


I feel so corny but I dont give a shit. I need to take care of me for my daughter. I don't want to be the token fat Mom, friend, Sister, daughter. Thats not me anymore. This will change my life.

Today was a big day for Olivia well me more. She figured out some things today. She discovered the whale on her Vibby chair make things light up and move.  She also found the spinny thing on the jumper. I left for a few minutes. I came back to her jumping and laughing BY HERSELF... So nice for this progress. I can pee and take my time. Yay! Its like something clicked in her head its so crazy.

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