March 23, 2011

So I went for my tattoo consultation yesterday. Its going to be huge. I am so excited. So the finished design is way better then I ever expected the skull is going yay. I am replacing it with a big bee. The spider webs and scroll are also going. The spiderwebs are going to be covered with big flowers and the scroll is going to be a big frilly bow. I am excited. But I am nervous. Its only 2 days away. Its my chest and I have a 4 month old. I know I know sometimes you just gotta go with it. Some people thinks its not alright to get tattooed while nursing. But if you keep good care of your tattoo it should be good. I am more worried about her being all up in my grill.. so to speak. 

Its good I am getting it on Friday Shawn will be here and on Saturday I can ask his parents to look after her. They love looking after her. Olivia is also hanging out with her cousins at my Parents on Friday. So far everything is looking good. I hope by Monday I will be not so stiff and able to do my normal everyday things.

Man Its so nice outside. I need to get dressed get my ass outside. I need the exercise. I have been loosing a good 1 pound a week. When I exercised I lost 7Lbs in one week. So If I get off my ass I can do it. I am eating right but not moving enough. I feel like a lump. I keep talking about it and not doing it and IT DRIVES ME INSANE. That all it takes is standing up putting on cloths and shoes and doing it but I am here sitting on my couch with my TV on typing about it. I am looking at bathing suits. I am for sure interested in the Aqua fit class at the Leisure Center. Only $5.50 a class. So its a start I just gotta get a bathing suit. If I look pretty and feel good in it I will want to go. So thats my new goal. Swimsuit, AquaFit, then maybe maybe something else..Yoga maybe even Hot Yoga.

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